Apartment Renting Guide For Expats In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vast metropolis that has room for many.  This living city accommodates expats as well as locals as far as they can pay for this accommodation.

Before you begin your search to rent apartments in Hong Kong for long or short term stay, you might want to consider what you really want and the possible areas that can fit just fine or at least be close to what you want for a residence. In your plan you should consider the desired area of residence, the cost of apartments in your area of choice, its closeness to your school or workplace, you might even want to consider your marital status and your pets( if you have any). With this in mind, let us see some places and information about them that can help you get apartments for rent in Hong Kong. 


If you desire some very suitable apartments for rent in Hong Kong for expats, you might want to consider these places;


1. Wan Chai

 Wan Chai is at the very center of Hong Kong, and as you would expect, it is packed full with every amenity you should find in a highly commercial place. These include hotels, cafes, fast foods, and many other sources of entertainment.

Despite the position of this area, it still has available residential properties. Although these apartments are expensive as you would expect and they are usually small, this can almost be said to be typical of apartments you will find in this area. 

2.   Stanley and Repulse Bay

This is another fine place that expats like to reside in. They both offer an experience of beach life, have good schools, restaurants, doctors, banks and more. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy the beach life, then you might just have come to the right place.

Although Stanley is relatively cheaper to reside in both areas do not have MTR into the city, so living here will require that you have your own car.

3. West Kowloon and Kowloon Tong

These places have accommodations that are larger than what you will normally find around, and they have MTR that leads to the city center. Here you will also find international schools, restaurants and more.

You can also find some more affordable apartments for rent in the new territories. Here the cost of living is relatively , and you will find green fields and vast spaces. Although some of these areas do not have MTR links. So living in this area requires that you use the bus or have a car of your own. In the new territory you will find places like;


4. Lantau Island

This is the largest island in Hong Kong. It houses some good recreation places like the beach, the Buddha image, and many other beautiful sights. Although some may not want to reside here.


5. Sai Kung

You will find good restaurants in this fishing village and just close to it are the Clearwater bay school and Rennaissance college.


How To Rent Apartments in Hong Kong

Whether you are looking to rent a flat in hong kong or rent apartments in Hong Kong for the long-term, you can use the help of real estate agents. Since they know more about housing in your environment of interest, they can easily locate a vacant property. They can even guide you on how to go about renting a property.

Another place where you can readily find information about renting an apartment in Hong Kong is on the internet. You can visit www.primerspot.com.hk for information about renting properties in Hong Kong.


What To Expect When Renting An Apartment In Hong Kong

Renting an apartment in Hong Kong will require a means of Identification. This can be your passport, letter of employment or contract, and more.

Your contract typically should last for two years, but if after the first year either of the parties decides to call a quite to the contract, there must first be a two month's notice ahead of time.

There's a need to know if your apartment is under a mortgage, because if it is and it's rented out to you without the permission of the bank. The bank reserves the right to ask you to leave the apartment immediately.



Renting an apartment anywhere in the world can be trouble, especially for expats and Hong Kong is not left out in this. Its best you leave the search for apartments for rent to real estate agents in your area, they will not only help you get your apartment earlier but make sure the apartment is trouble-free